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Artificial Organ Engineering.

Maria Cristina Marrelli, Luigi Piemonte, Vincenzo. Annesini

England : Springer 2015

Available at GSU Library Atlanta  Atlanta Library North 3  (RD130 .A56 2017 )()

  • Title:
    Artificial Organ Engineering.
  • Author: Maria Cristina Marrelli, Luigi Piemonte, Vincenzo. Annesini
  • Subjects: Artificial organs; Biomedical engineering; Biochemical engineering; Clinical biochemistry; Biophysics; Engineering
  • Contents: Diffusion -- Mass transfer coefficient -- Membrane operations -- Adsorption -- Bioreactors -- Blood oxygenators and artificial lungs -- Artificial kidney -- Artificial and bio-artificial liver.
    Artificial organs may be considered as small-scale process plants, in which heat, mass and momentum transfer operations and, possibly, chemical transformations are carried out. This book proposes a novel analysis of artificial organs based on the typical bottom-up approach used in process engineering. Starting from a description of the fundamental physico-chemical phenomena involved in the process, the whole system is rebuilt as an interconnected ensemble of elemental unit operations. Each artificial organ is presented with a short introduction provided by expert clinicians. Devices commonly used in clinical practice are reviewed and their performance is assessed and compared by using a mathematical model based approach. Whilst mathematical modelling is a fundamental tool for quantitative descriptions of clinical devices, models are kept simple to remain focused on the essential features of each process. Postgraduate students and researchers in the field of chemical and biomedical engineering will find that this book provides a novel and useful tool for the analysis of existing devices and, possibly, the design of new ones. This approach will also be useful for medical researchers who want to get a deeper insight into the basic working principles of artificial organs.
  • Publisher: England : Springer
  • Creation Date: 2015
  • Physical Description: 110 pages : illustrations ; 24 x 16 cm.
  • Language: English
  • Identifier: ISBN1447164423;ISBN9781447164425
  • Source: 01GALI USG ALMA
  • OCLC Number: 910079193
  • NZ MMS ID: 9910614238302931
  • IZ MMS ID: 9931595983402952$$IGSU

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